PPC or SEO, Which one is better?


One question, which often confuses the mind of digital marketers is “Shall I go for search engine optimization (SEO) or Pay per click (PPC)?”. This is a tricky question and the answer depends on the expectation of the marketers themselves. Both SEO & PPC are completely different items although the goal is ultimately the same. There are more than 200 million searches conducted every day on search engines and you can see both paid and organic search results displaying.

In order to select the best medium for your products, you must understand the advantages of both PPC & SEO.

Benefits of Organic SEO:

SEO is cost-effective compared to PPC. Although, there is some initial cost but that cost gets diminished over time. Being an ongoing process, SEO can give long term benefits to your business; it’s not just a onetime deal. Your SEO budget will be much more planned and there are very minimal chances in the budget fluctuation. Another big advantage of SEO is the type of result it throws before the web surfers. The Meta description which is displayed before the web surfers gives elaborate information about the website, which enhances the website visit duration and reduces the bounce rate.

Disadvantage of SEO:

SEO is a long term process and if you are a marketer, who wants immediate result then obviously SEO is not the thing you should go for.

Advantages of Pay-Per-Click:

PPC gives your ads immediate exposure in the search engines and will result in direct sales. If you want to market your product via internet then PPC is the best medium. Nowadays, search engines like Google, Yahoo-Bing etc. are more focused on PPC as it’s a paid medium. PPC will give you the privilege of running customized ads which SEO do not. You can announce discounts, offers and check the immediate conversion of your initiatives.  


Being internet marketer, you can get immediate results from your PPC campaigns but driving them in the long run is a costly business if you don’t have a big budget. However, PPC advertising is an excellent way to begin your SEO initiatives while you are waiting for a SEO campaign that will ultimately permeate the web. Both SEO & PPC has its pros and cons but using them together in the right manner can bring huge rewards for your business.